North Cyprus in 16 Questions

Where in Cyprus?
North Cyprus is the top half of the island of Cyprus, located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea south of Turkey.
Why holiday in North Cyprus?
North Cyprus has 20+ sandy beaches, over 300 days of sunshine a year, 2000+ years of history, magnificent mountains, friendly people and it's cheaper than Euro zone countries by around 30%!
Flight times to Cyprus
Flight times to Larnaca airport in south Cyprus are approximately 4.5 hr. Flights to Ercan airport involve a short touchdown in Turkey, with a total travelling time of approx 6 hrs.
Transfer times
Transfer times from Ercan airport to the Kyrenia area are approx. 40 minutes, while transfer times from Larnaca are approx. 60 minutes to Famagusta, and 90 minutes to Kyrenia.
Border crossings
Crossing the border between south and North Cyprus is quick and easy; you will need to fill out a simple visa entry form and show a valid passport.
Cyprus enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year. Spring and autumn are balmy (20-25°), summers are hot (up to 35°) and winters dry and sunny (up to 16°).
North Cyprus uses the Turkish Lira (TL), so prices are approximately 30% cheaper than in Euro zone countries and south Cyprus.
North Cyprus has a 240v electricity supply and uses British 3-pin rectangular blade plugs, so you don't have to take an adaptor for UK electrical device, mobile phone chargers etc.
In North Cyprus, you drive on the left, as in the UK. Road signs are mostly in Turkish and English.
North Cyprus Turkish Cypriots speak Turkish, and most also speak very good English.
North Cyprus has excellent mobile phone coverage, so make sure you enable international roaming on your phone before leaving home.
Local Time
North Cyprus is two hours ahead of the UK.
Car Hire
North Cyprus car hire should always be booked in advance as there is usually a shortage of cars available during the summer months.
North Cyprus accommodation range from five star luxury to clean and comfortable budget hotels and self-catering bungalows in holiday villages.
Villa for Rent
Holiday villas for rent in North Cyprus are spacious with good facilities, and most have a private pool.
Eating Out
North Cyprus has a super range of quality restaurants, from family-run local tavernas serving traditional Turkish Cypriot dishes to award-winning international standard dining.

Things to Enjoy in North Cyprus

We will soon add information and photographs about best sights to visit, best restaurants and various things to enjoy during your holiday in North Cyprus.

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